Univerity of Phoenix Complaint – They Wasted My Time, My Money, and Harrased Me Day After Day!

Dear Sir/Madam,
Good Day

Here is my story in Brief;

In 2005 I had started my business with UoP, to pursue my doctoral degree in Management & Information Technology (DM/IST). Its January 2012 & I am not finished, yet.

-last year, June 21, 2011, I had been stop perusing my last class (IST733) due no fund available for me any more. Since then I am trying hard to convince them to allow me to finish, Its not fair, UoP had collected over $ 40,000.00 from me & through me out of my last class before graduation. I knocked everyone’s door @ UoP, but no one was listening & caring for me. I finished 59 credit from 62, I am finished 3 credit from my 6 credits dissertation.

I need to report injustices that I have experienced from this institution;
the injustice;

1- I hold 3 master degrees, they did not allow me to transfer any graduate classes to UoP, while they allowed many students, just to bring their foot to UoP & run their fraudulent business.

2- UoP had screened my financial status, before I start my degree, before 7 years, they new I have more than enough money, then I got their green light to continue, why the money is not enough now to finish my last class? Whose mistake?

3- Through the course of my program, I have been interrupter many times, & took the same class more than one time, not due to illegal behaviour, of not passing grades, but through miss calculation of my financial funds, then I had been allowed to continus, when they smelled money in my count.

4- UoP treated me unfairly from day one till present time. I overlooked everything just to finish & get my degree. It seems, its time now to take legal action against UoP, to know what is going on & why UoP had disturbed me & wasted my money in such a way, in such hard economy so irresponsibly?? Who wastes his money with such frudelunt institution.

5- Every day, I & my family harassed by a 3rd party, collection agents, who are not authorized to bother me & my family with out my consent. If UoP soled my balance to them so cheaply, its their agreement, not mine. they have no right to bother me day & nights, I am still student & not dome with my program.

6- I am holding UoP the full responsibly of harassment, racism, returning all my money, & damaging my reputation.

Kind Regards,

Abdullah A Raza

-SAS, DM/IST, Univ. of Phoenix,

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