Vera Bradley Complaint – I Was Treated Like I Was A Thief And Recieved Horrible Customer Service!

By Sanjeev

1245 Worcester St
Natick, MA 01760
(508) 655-0584

Alert for Natick Framingham people yesterday very bad experience in Vera Bradley store.  I had a Vera Bradley gift card with a $322 balance. I was happy and so excited for holiday event into the store.  I had to shop a lot for me and others.  When I did all my shopping and the salesperson “SARAH M” in Natick mall swiped the gift card she told me that card is void.  I was shocked and felt so insulted in front of other customers.

I had feeling like I spoke lies to them and was using a void card.  I asked her to type the numbers instead of scanning the barcode…So she did and said again that the card was void.  I asked her to check my previous transaction as there must be card info in the computer.  She said “no info”.  

Don’t pay for a movie rental ever again!

My husband is a software engineer in a reputable company and could check the credentials in her system but he was mute too and was watching the whole scene.  Though I made purchases (above 400$) with my credit card with down heart. 

I had to shop more but I didn’t!!!!I I came back home totally lost and tried to verify all the facts.  After returning home first thing I did I used the same card on the website and I felt so angry because it was working.  Today CC told me that she should be able to use that gift card because it was really working.  She shouldn’t have any problem in using that card.  Then why she did this to me?  CC is so nice.

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I mailed her my receipts to adjust payment with gift card and she apologized and discussed issue with her supervisor.  She still didn’t do anything to get me out of pain of insult I felt there so I am still upset about it.  It really was a matter of disappointment and insult for customers who are told lies by the Vera Bradley shameful salesperson.  She(salesperson) told me that she mailed the CC and kept my credentials  AND TOLD ME to come back again so that she can adjust my shopping to gift card later. 

I was mad of the nonsense and don’t want to go back again there for her stupidity or even again for shopping? NEVER EVER!!!! I really felt when I asked something, she was so rude.  I was feeling like I committed crime to go there or I was thief!  I never felt such an insult in my life time.  I was with my 3 year old and my husband.  Imagine how depressing it was!!!!!  The environment there was so depressing and I felt so depressed the whole night. 

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The next problem I have had is a couple days back I called the store and asked about their return policy.  She told me 10 days, however it is not mentioned anywhere on site or receipt.  The last incidence was when there was a promotion going on in the store “Buy anything worth 75$, receive cosmetic bag free”.  I went to store and asked how long this promotion will last.  The salesperson told me it was for today only and when I checked it had still 10 days to go. 

I am feeling so bad that I am even not ready to have a look at my shopping bags.  I wish if I could return all the stuff back to Vera Bradley I would.  The reason I want to return it all is because whenever I will see these bags I will remember what happened with me……….I hate Vera Bradley!!

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