Virginia State Troopers Complaint – Police officers have too much power and get away with breaking laws!

Have you ever been driving down a road and a police officer speeds past you at about 10+ mphs over the speed limit?  Why is it that when any other citizen drives over the speed limit, they are pulled over and given a speeding ticket.  This is one problem in today’s society with any person that has any kind of power. 

 Last week I needed to travel from South Carolina to Maryland to go visit my mother in the hospital.  I had received a phone call around 4 am that morning and heading right for Maryland so I could get there as soon as I could.  I was in a hurry to get their because I didn’t want anything to go wrong and I not be there. 

 As I was driving through Virginia, the speed limit was 70 mph and I had set my cruise control at 80 mph because there was absolutely no one on the road.  As I had passed a part of the median where there was a small opening, a Virginia State trooper had quickly pulled out.  You can imagine where this is going.  The lights come on, a quick siren, and then off to the shoulder where I pulled over.

 The state trooper had walked up to me and asked me for my registration and license.  I had given that to him and he had asked me where I was headed.  I had explained to him that I was rushing to get to the hospital with my mother.  He then had walked back to his patrol car and was a little while in his car.  He then had proceeded back to my car and told me here was a summons for going 86 mph in a 70 mph zone.  

I had told him that I had set my cruise control at 80 and he said he was not there to argue and told me that I could pay off the ticket or take a driving course.  There was absolutely no remorse for this guy and it bothers me that Virginia State police have no hearts at all.  Why is it that any police officer can cruise down any road at the speed they want to go at, but don’t get punished for it?  Our government and local officials need to fix this ongoing problem. 

Anyone with any sort of power is going to abuse it at some time and this needs to stop with all police departments.  It is something else if an officer is speeding to get to a silent call and help someone.  Another situation was when I was driving home from work tonight.  As I was driving, I got passed on a 55 mph road by a local police officer going at least 65mph.  He then turned into a parking lot and parked his car.  He was in no hurry to go to any call or anything such like that. 

 Was there any need to fly by me at a high speed?  I can guarantee anyone that they have been in this situation before.  There needs to be a stop to this ASAP!

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3 Responses to Virginia State Troopers Complaint – Police officers have too much power and get away with breaking laws!

  1. Boris on November 20, 2010 at 3:55 PM

    The Virginia State Troopers are all a bunch of inbred morons.

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  2. Denise Farrell on January 3, 2011 at 7:43 PM

    I truly feel your pain. The best way that I can deal with people of such attitude is…GIVE IT TO GOD. I know that it may seem to be a hard pill to swallow. Some are very heartless. I know for a fact because I was in court with one today. Mind you being under oath to them is THEIR OATH…LIES. The man looked the judge in the face and lied. I was in such disbelief but what could one do. I disputed what was said and it was like “his word was golden”. I despise a liar.

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  3. 666 on January 4, 2011 at 5:12 PM

    Screw Virginia State police. I was pulled over by two cars, one of which was tailgating other vehicles and weaving in and out of traffic with no lights or sirens on. My offense? Expired inspection. LOL Cops suck – that’s right every damn one of them. It burns them up that they can’t arrest us for talking about them and hating them. Too bad little piggies. You can all be assholes and I will keep on hating you.

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