Wachovia Wells Fargo Review – Resolved My Credit Card Fraud Within 4 Days of Reporting It



Last week I was checking my Wachovia Wells Fargo account online and notice that there were unauthorized charges showing up on my account. I had called the 2 companies that were trying to charge my checking account and they stated a name to me of whom was charging my account. I couldn’t believe that someone was using my debit card number because I am ver cautious of where and how I use it.

As I was speaking to these companies they told me that I would need to contact my bank to get the charges corrected on my account. I quickly called Wachovia Wells Fargo customer service and was directed to the Fraud Prevention department. They had asked me if I authorized and of the charges that were being made and I stated No to them.

He also asked me if I had spoken to either company because Wachovia Wells Fargo won’t do anything before you try to work it out with the companies. I had told him that I tried and they told me to contact Wachovia Wells Fargo so that was why I was calling. He told me that he was forwarding my case to a fraud case manager.

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He stated to me that I needed to fill out a certain form so stating that I was filing the fraud report. I had the option to go to my local bank to fill it out or I could wait for it to arrive in the mail which would be 3-4 days. I just decided to go into Wachovia Wells Fargo because it was right down the road and I wanted to make sure these fraudulent charges would be fixed.

The man on the phone told me that Wachovia Wells Fargo would be replacing the funds that were debited from my account and it would show within 1-2 business days once the form was completed. When I went into the Wachovia Wells Fargo, I was helped very quickly and was able to complete the form within10 minutes of arriving there.

I had checked my account a couple days later and all the funds were replaced in my account. I had also received a letter in the mail stating what occurred and the results that Wachovia Wells Fargo performed. I have never dealt with fraud on any of my accounts, but I can’t be any happier with Wachovia Wells Fargo’s response.

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I would recommend anyone to open an account with Wachovia Wells Fargo because you will be able to know your money is in safe hands. I didn’t think that I would be able to see the money that was stolen in that short of time. Wachovia also sent me a replacement debit card so that it would stop any other company that may have gained access to my information.

I didn’t have to worry about my Wachovia Reward program because my checking account number didn’t change, but my debit card number did change. It couldn’t have been any easier on me to get this problem resolved. Thank You Wachovia Wells Fargo!!


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