Wal-mart, racism and rude employees at the deli counter!

Walmart store

Walmart deli counter – what size cut do you want and do you want a side of racism with that?

I went to Wal-Mart with my kids to get some groceries recently. All was fine until I got to the deli counter to order some cold cuts. Now wasn’t like I was robbed or spit on or anything like that, but if the same thing had been reversed and done to a black person there would’ve been hell to pay, but since I was white its just an everyday common occurrence.

There was a black lady behind the counter whom was waiting on a black family in front of me. I didn’t mind that and that was fine as they were there before me. The lady was extremely nice to the customer and their family. And offered her and her kids free samples of the different cold cuts and they seemed to be having a good conversation.

Even after the ladies order was done they just chatted along and completely ignored me and my family and I wanted to order some cold cuts. I waited a while trying to be nice and then finally, very politely, tried to ask if I could place an order for some cold cuts. The customer front of me turned her face away from me the lady behind the counter rudely said, “can’t you see I am helping a customer and she is in front of you.”

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At that they talked a little more and then the lady in front of me finally moved on to go elsewhere in the store. The lady behind the deli then left the counter and went through some closed doors and didn’t come back for about eight minutes. Now maybe she had to go to the bathroom, I don’t know. But when she came back she was just as rude as she was before.

There was no nice greeting as you’re supposed to get at Wal-Mart or any other deli counter. She just came up and said very curtly, “what can I get you?” I told her I wanted a pound of of roast beef shaved (you have to get roast beef shaved as that is simply the best as it practically melts in your mouth – larger cuts are tougher to eat and chew and tend to pull completely out of your sandwich when you’re eating it), a pound of turkey shaved and a pound of cooked ham shaved.  She grunted and then went about doing her work.

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After she started she would hold up a little bit of it to show me the thickness of the slicing she was doing.  When I approved she would go read back to doing her work, which was fine, but unlike with the lady and her family in front of me there were no free samples of any of the meats nor any nice behavior of any kind.  When she was done she just placed them on the counter and then disappeared again into the back.

Clearly I was treated differently here than the black lady that was in front of me in line.  I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary to deserve any kind of different treatment and was as polite as I possibly could be.  The only difference was the color of my skin and apparently the lady behind the deli counter did not like it.  This is clear and obvious racism.  Since it is black on white racism is commonly referred to as reverse racism.  Regardless of what it’s called it is wrong.

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Now if the roles were reversed and I were a black person and there were a white person behind the deli counter at Wal-Mart, there would be hell to pay.  Some of the local black activist might get involved and who knows it might have even make the news.  Maybe Al Sharpton, himself, would get involved.  But since I am a white person this rude and obnoxious behavior is just par for course.

I was upset at this rude treatment and racism.  So when I got to the front of the store I asked to speak to the manager.  The manager was conveniently not there, but the assistant manager was.  She listened to me tell her what one on and then told me that Wal-Mart doesn’t condone racism in any way shape or form and they specifically train their employees about racism and that this could not have occurred at their store.  I told her it just had happened so she said she would review my complaint and handle it.  In other words nothing was going to be done about it.

I will never go to that Wal-Mart deli counter ever again.

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3 Responses to Wal-mart, racism and rude employees at the deli counter!

  1. Wow on April 8, 2011 at 3:41 AM

    1. why am i even replying to a 2 year old post by another white whiner.
    2. you do realize you are complaining about a Deli encounter.
    3. perhaps she was rude to you because of your sense of entitlement and lack of patience?
    4. perhaps you should understand , nevermind.
    5. why do white whiners always bring up Al sharpton and bitch about black activists?
    6. if your people were bred like animals, raised like sheep, brainwashed, abused, forgotten, gyped, ignored, denied basic civil rights, dont you think you would like an activist group of people to represent your gripes?

    all the white privilege in the world, racial superiority complexes, and a complete stranglehold over the power/industrial complex, white skin privilege, and white people still bitch about the most inane, superficial shit. get over yourself buddy. glad to know not ALL white people are the same.

    why do minorities get scholarships….whaaa whaaa whaaaaa…blame the mexicans for the problems caused by white congressmen…whaaaa whaaaa whaaaa.

    black athletes are so gifted and get paid millions whaaa whaaa whaaaa.

    the black lady at the deli counter was a biotch…whaaaaaaaaa. i think ill blog about it….whaaaaaaa.


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  2. romper on June 1, 2011 at 8:57 AM

    Deli Customer,

    The Racism Card is overplayed by both blacks, whites, indians, orientals, etc. Maybe this WM employee knew the other customer and did waste time talking, kids are often given treats cause they are kids, and maybe this WM employee IS rude. So What! Many of the WM Customers are RUDE to the WM Employees. I know because I’ve worked at WM 4 11 yrs! Grow up and take silly little things like this in stride and save UR anger/frustration for real and important things, not some free sample or piece of deli meat! Romper has Spoken!

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  3. Albert Day on April 1, 2012 at 1:00 PM

    I heartily concur with your assertion that the race situation has gotten out of hand. And it cannot continue in a civilized society. And what’s more the ignorance by many of its existence will further create decay of our society. We really need to work together to end the lack of civility as often as possible. I’ve seen the same type behavior myself so I know it exists. In fact it is promoted by the so called black leaders (like Al Sharpton) who are mere race pimps that use race as a means to gain income and power. What is amazing is that so many blacks and other groups fall into line with it, even though it destroys the very society they live in. This person hit the nail right on the head. The same ignorance of this type behavior is what gave credance to the slavery in the south many years ago. Now if you want to ignore it exists today (in reverse) than you are no better than a slave owner/master of yesterday.

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