Wal-Mart Thanksgiving Turkey review – They have the best selection and prices, but you better hurry as stores are running low on Turkeys for Thanksgiving!

Wal-Mart Thanksgiving Turkey review and selection

Stores are running low on turkeys! If you still need one Wal-Mart has the best selection and prices but they are starting to run low.

As we head closer to Thanksgiving Day, more and more grocery stores will start running low or out of turkeys for Thanksgiving day. Some of the grocery stores near me have only one or two turkeys left. But Wal-Mart still has a great selection and has the trukeys grouped according to price per pound.

On the high range they have Butterball at around $.89 to $1.00 a pound and they have a few others at $.69 and $.79 a pound. So at Wal-Mart you can right now get a 20 pound turkey for as little as $14 or so. And they still have a fairly good selection but it is starting to run low and the Wal-Mart employees that work in the back with stocking the meats and turkeys and such so they are starting to run really low on Turkeys already and could run out shortly.

So if you’re looking to get a turkey for Thanksgiving you probably should go out and get one very soon if you haven’t already. Some of the big-box wholesale clubs and stores like BJ’s, Costco and Sam’s Club still have plenty in stock. Their prices are basically about the same as Wal-Marts prices.

You will find some turkeys lower-priced and generally these are the lower grade and not as tasty ones. The better grade and bigger brand turkeys will obviou have a higher price per pound, but you also get what you pay for. I’ve found this to be very true with Thanksgiving turkey dinners.

If you buy a cheap turkey it will taste like a cheap turkey. You can find the cheapest and worst turkeys at stores like Food Lion and Bi Low. Usually they market them with a special sale saying they are $.39 a pound and that you have to purchase $30-$100 worth of food at their marked up prices to get that sale price. Otherwise the fine print says that you will pay $1.69 or so a pound for a very low grade and tasteless turkey.

I heavily advise that you get out there and buy your Thanksgiving turkey now while there is still a good selection and some great name brand and high quality turkeys out there. If you want the best turkeys for the best price with the best selection no one beats Wal-Mart. But even Wal-Mart runs out of Thanksgiving turkeys. If you wait until tomorrow or Wednesday you will see stores start to sell out of turkeys. And by Wednesday you’ll be searching from store to store to find if any turkeys are available – and you’ll be left with the lowest quality highest priced turkeys out there.

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