Walter Mercado psychic readings complaint – Don’t call them – it’s a scam!

Walter Mercado psychic hotline scam

The Walter Mercado psychic hotline is a complete scam – don’t waste your time or money with them!

If you are looking for psychic revelations then don’t contact Walter Mercado and his astrologic or psychic hotline unless you want to be lied to and scammed. I saw one of their advertisements that told how great and accurate their psychics and predictions were. So I called the Walter Mercado psychic hotline at 1(888)638-9646.

Boy was that a mistake. All they could do was tell me extremely generic stuff. It was basically is that they’re reading off a script to me and they use the exact same script for each and every single caller. It was obvious. The psychic told me that they saw a letter H or N. then they asked me if there was someone in my family that recently passed away with a letter H or N.

there was no one in my family with a H or N that could be associated to them. Then they said well maybe it’s an M or a P. When this didn’t work they added two more letters – at this point it became blatantly obvious that they were fishing for information from me to use and turn into some kind of a BS psychic reading.

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I stopped giving them information because I wanted to see if they really were psychics or not. It became clearly obvious that not only were they not psychics, but they were terrible script readers and not very experienced at what they were doing. But boy did they try and keep me on the phone first long as they could so they could rack up as much charges as they could to my phone bill.

The Walter Mercado psychic hotline is nothing but a complete scam. They cannot leave any more about your future than your cat can. They charge you per minute to talk to them and there is no information that they can give you that’s helpful in any way whatsoever. They just read off of generic scripts and try and pull even with those and keep you on the phone as long as they can as that’s how they get paid.

I would avoid any psychic hot lines and especially the Walter Mercado psychic hotline as it is a 100% bogus scam!

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5 Responses to Walter Mercado psychic readings complaint – Don’t call them – it’s a scam!

  1. Bruce on October 6, 2010 at 4:37 PM

    Walter Mercado looks like he belongs in a psych ward! He looks like a retard.

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  2. Ned Thomas on October 7, 2010 at 10:27 AM

    That guy has to be queer – I mean, just look at him.

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  3. Lauretta on December 5, 2010 at 5:26 PM

    If you call the Mercado hotline there is a good chance you’ll be disconnected, unable to get through to a psychic, and never receive your reading – all after you’ve been charged $19.95 for ten minutes of course.

    Really. Dont call.

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  4. c on March 8, 2011 at 4:45 AM

    Dang I just called on some boredness and was disconnected and charged $19.95. I should have did the research first.dang dang dang

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  5. Tina on April 29, 2011 at 4:30 PM

    Dolly Adams is one of the acclaimed psychics working at Mercados and she is totally unethical in every way. She takes people’s hard earned money and tells them horrible things will happen to them if you wont pay her money to keep the bad stuff from happening. Also she says that she is a love psychic and that if you give her a lot of money, she will solve all of your problems. She told me that if I didn’t pay her $12,000 that my husband and I would be in a horrific car accident in which we would end up having a closed casket funeral within one year. Thank goodness I had enough common sense to figure out that she was just trying to scare me out of my money and I did not fall for this horrible manipulator. I tried to call Mercado’s 1800 number to report her, but it is now disconnected. So I just had to do something, so that is why I am making this post. Beware of this scammer.

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