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Are you a manufacturer? A reseller? Do you have a product or service that you think our readers would like or benefit from? Do you want a powerful and honest review from our millions of readers and contributors? Do you want serious search engine placement, traffic and recognition? Send us the product, item, etc… to:

Product Submission
1001 E WT Harris Blvd., Ste P169
Charlotte, NC 28213

All products or items submitted become the property of ReportYourComplaint.com and may be used in later contests here at ReportYourComplaint.com (which will give your product or service even more publicity). We do accept all sorts of items for reviews (even t-shirts). Be creative – we can use free coupons for restaurants (we’ll send our readers to your restaurant), etc… Items not accepted would be anything illegal, perishable or otherwise not able to be shipped by USPS.

Upon receipt we will assign one of our very active readers and contributors that is knowledgeable and experienced in your niche. They will be told to use the product or service and to give a very honest and straightforward review. This website is very powerful and every review ranks extremely high in the search engines and is well linked to.

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If you think this would benefit your company and our readers then go ahead and send your stuff. This is a free service and there is no charge for a company to have a review done on their product or service. We have had a lot of inquiries as to whether or not we can arrange to have a review done for products.

Yes we can – but you cannot buy a positive review or any review here. You must send the product or service to us at your expense and then we will arrange for an honest and impartial review to be done. Then the review will be permanently posted on our website here for the whole world to see.

As everyone knows – great products and services get great reviews, mad traffic and hence a massive boost in sales and market share. Remember, we only do 100% honest reviews here at ReportYourComplaint.com. You cannot buy a review from us at all – so don’t ask. All items, products or services submitted become the property of ReportYourComplaint.com. And you must send them to us at the above address.

You can send sales information, manuals, how to use material, etc… This is especially helpful with items that have a learning curve. And make sure instructions and similar materials are in English – no strange languages, codes, etc…

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