Wilburn Auto Body Repair Shop Compliment and Review – Highly Recommended Car Repair Shop With Amazing Customer Service!!


As I was driving home from work, I was stopped at a red light.  As I was sitting at the red light, I had heard loud screeching and quickly looked around in all my mirrors to see what was causing this loud noise.  When I had looked in my rear view mirror, I saw clouds of white smoke and before I knew it I was jerked forward.  I was so pissed because I had just bought my Nissan about 2 months ago and now I need to get my car repaired because some young female smashed into me!

When I was looking where to take my car to get the repairs done, I had found a body shop called Wilburn Auto Body located in Concord, NC.  Before I met with the State Farm adjuster, I wanted to take it into a shop to get an estimate for myself to make sure I wasn’t getting screwed.  When I first went to Wilburn Auto Body, they were very happy to do a free estimate for me and a complete write up.  As they were starting the write up, they had told me that they could only create an estimate based on visual damage. 

I really wanted to get an estimate of any damage that was done behind the bumper, but they said they would have to take the car fully apart before they would be able to tell me if anything else was damaged.  They also had told me that they could have the repairs done within two business days.  I was very impressed with the customer service I received and decided that this was where I really wanted to bring my car for repairs. 

I was able to meet with the State Farm adjuster and get my check for the estimate he wrote for.  I then was able to call Wilburn Auto Body and talk to them about the time I wanted to bring my car in for repairs.  They had told me that I could bring my car in the morning since they were just about to close.  Wilburn Auto Body has an Enterprise representative that is located right inside so it is easy to have a rental car ready for you.

Enterprise had called me and told me that when I dropped off my car, I would have a car ready for me without any waiting.  This was exactly correct when I arrived in the morning around 9:30 a.m.  When I arrived I was able to select what car I preferred to drive and was on my way within 15 minutes of when I arrived.  Once again I was treated with the up most respect and customer service.  They were all about how they could assist me or help me through getting my car repaired.

Two days later I received a phone call at 3p.m. letting me know that my car was done and that I could pick it up when I was able to.  I had told them that I was on my way to work and that I wouldn’t be able to pick it up till the morning.  They had no trouble or worries of me having to pick up the next day and told me not to worry about being charged any extra for the rental, since State Farm was paying for it ONLY while my car was in the shop getting repaired.

When I went the next morning, they showed me the repairs and it looked nothing had ever happened to it!  It was perfectly repaired, cleaned, and polished for me.  I couldn’t be any more pleased with the outcome of the work Wilburn Auto Body has done for me.  I would recommend anyone that needs repairs done.  They also give you a certificate that guarantees the work done for life!  If you have body repairs to be done on your car, go to Wilburn Auto Body!!!   They accept many insurance companies including State Farm, Allstate, Geico, and many others!

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  1. Evan Dungan on December 31, 2010 at 2:03 PM


    Your experience was quite the opposite of mine, unfortunately. My wife and I took our 2002 Volvo S40 to Wilburn to be repaired after minor damage in a parking lot accident. The service was unbelievably slow and unprofessional. Numerous deadlines were given for when the car was to be done with repairs – all of which came and went with the car still in the shop. We heard excuses from it’s busy during the holiday season to the insurance adjuster put the wrong part on the estimate so we ordered the wrong part (both of which were used multiple times). After the car was finally ready (two weeks after the initial time that was promised), my wife went to pick up the car. The gentleman with whom I had been in contact with regarding our car was not particularly happy with me as I had become understandably frustrated with him regarding the length of time it was taking to fix our car. As as result, he purposely avoided my wife upon her arrival for over 20 minutes and was using the receptionist as a liason until my wife spoke a little loudly enough that he came out. My wife had a little tone in her voice, as we are frustrated with this whole situation, as she said that she had to have the car by noon. The gentleman responded that it may not be ready until 1:15pm, using a slight tone in response. My wife said that she did not appreciate his tone as she had done nothing wrong except be a little frustrated. He responded that he did not like her tone either and that she should just have a seat. I (nor my wife) have never been treated so poorly by a person in a customer service industry. We will NEVER use Wilburn ever again. I will be recommending against using Wilburn to all of my friends and family in the Charlotte area.


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