Yankee Candle Home Frangrance Oil Warmer and Scents Compliment – Amazing Fragrances That Are Inexpensive and Perfect For Your Home!

I went to Yankee Candle last week to purchase new candles.  When I was there, Yankee Candle had a sale on the large candles which was buy one, get one half off.  The reason why I continue to shop at Yankee Candle is for the quality of their products time after time.  I started buying their candles about 5 years ago starting with my favorite scent sparkling vanilla, but since then they only have it around for certain parts of the year. 

The smell that comes off of these candels is strong and amazing.  A lot of times in the past I would just go to Wal-Mart or some retail store to purchase cheap candles.  I would buy these candles becasue they smelled really good, but mostly for the cheap cost.  Another part of the quality part that Yankee Candle provides is the long burning time. 

 As I was in Yankee Candle I happened to find a deal on the home fragrance oil.  They had a sale that when you buy 2 home fragrance oils, you get the home fragrance oil warmer of your choice for free.  I was able to buy 2 home fragrance oils for $4.99 and I got the home frangrance oil warmer for $12.99.  I thought it was a great deal, but I was a little nervous on the scent and the quality of the oil strength. 

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It has been a great product so far and the strength of the fragrance is amazing.  When I light the candle in the warmer, it only takes a few minutes before the entire room smells amazing from the oil.  I purchased the pumpkin spice fragrance, which is very strong but very nice fall smell.  The other fragrance I purchased was macintosh because of the apple picking season. 

I liked the Yankee Candle home fragrance oil so much that I went back to purchase another warmer and oils.  I now have the two warmers in my house and they are the perfect solution to making the house smell amazing.  Ialso bought the christmas cookie frangrance for when Christmass comes around.  I love the smell of cookies baking in the house.  I would recommend anyone to purchase the home fragrance oil warmers if you enjoy any of Yankee Candle’s candles.

For the price that many pay at other retailers for the cheap candles, one can put the money toward a candle of high quality and one that will last for a long burning time.  Even though you may smell a candle in one of these retail stores, make sure you realize that these canles will not burn a strong fragrance, so I highly recommend you take the time and look at the amazing sales that Yankee Candle offers.

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